Four short links: 6 July 2010

Critical Thinking, Impulse Buys, Cell Tower in a Handset, and American Jobs

  1. Critical Thinkinga world-class resource for teaching critical thinking and Internet literacies. The ability to separate bullshit from truth (to find the gold nuggets in the butt nuggets, as it were), is how people can get the good effects of the Internet while avoiding most of the bad. (via Clay Johnson)
  2. Economist Direct is a Fabulous Idea — on the Economist’s offer to let you buy a single-issue subscription: it’s not a subscription; it’s more casual than that. It’s an impulscription. (via BERG London)
  3. OpenBTS on Droid — run a GSM network from a CDMA handset, with the help of Asterisk. Cute hack!
  4. How to Make an American Job, Before It’s Too Late (Andy Grove) — former head of Intel talks about the nature of jobs and industries. A new industry needs an effective ecosystem in which technology knowhow accumulates, experience builds on experience, and close relationships develop between supplier and customer. (via timoreilly on Twitter)
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