Amazon's cloud platform still the largest, but others are closing the gap

Tim’s recent tweet on the growing demand for Google App Engine skills inspired me to measure the popularity of the major cloud computing platforms. Elance is one of many job boards in our data warehouse of U.S. job postings1 , and I wanted to measure demand across many more job sites.

Measured in terms of (U.S.) job postings, Amazon’s Cloud Computing platform is still larger than Google’s App Engine. What’s interesting is that the gap has closed over the past year2:


Over the past two months, the other cloud platforms were roughly one-third (Google), one-fourth (Microsoft), and one-sixth (Rackspace) the size of Amazon. During the same period last year, these platforms were much smaller: Google was one-fifth, Microsoft was one-seventh, and Rackspace one-tenth the size of Amazon.

(1) Data for this post is for U.S. online job postings through 8/21/2010 and is maintained in partnership with We use algorithms to dedup job posts: a single job posting can contain multiple jobs and appear on multiple job sites.

(2) I counted the number of unique job posts that mention each of the cloud computing platforms.

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  • Excellent observation. I wish I had thought of using job openings in this clever way.

    Job openings are a lagging indicator, but even so the numbers you produced offer an easy way to check industry trends. Thanks.

    I am definitely tweeting this at Chris_Gaun

  • Jack

    I think this is very vague. Amazon is not a cloud platform. Amazon EC2 provides infrastructure as a service. That’s not a cloud. That’s infrastructure as a service.

    Google App Engine does indeed provide a cloud platform. You can’t compare apples and oranges.

    And as for rackspace…..

    Why don’t you compare real cloud platforms (GAE, SalesForce) and real infrastructure as a service (Amazon, rackspace), and do an apples and apples comparison (and oranges and oranges).

  • Anirvan

    This has some information value but less perhaps than you suggest – surely a more mature platform will have a more settled team and require fewer hires than younger platforms?

  • May West

    Here’s a pretty good cloud platform diagnostic. It tells you which platform your company should be using (out of azure, aws, appengine). It’s free too:

  • Ben,

    Nice article, in fact I would like to reference it in an article I’m writing.

    It would be nice if the graph had more current stats… Do you have any plans to do a follow-up piece showing more current trends?

    Dr. Louis Mercorelli