Radar is getting a redesign

A new version of Radar is coming soon. Here's what we have planned.

Radar will get a new look and more functionality when we roll out a redesign later today.

Here’s a screenshot of the new edition. We’re still putting pieces together so the final version may be slightly different from what you see here:

Radar redesign screenshot
(Click to see a larger version)

We’re also rolling out a mobile edition:

Radar redesign screenshot
(Click to see a larger screen)

The biggest change involves Radar’s sections. Currently, sections are auto-generated based on our internal categorization. That will no longer be the case. Each section will, in essence, become its own publication. We’re treating Radar as the umbrella publication — the mothership — and each section will be related, but independent.

Here’s an example: We’re adding a Data section with the redesign. What this means is that we’ll soon have a significant Data site within Radar that will have its own publishing schedule, will feature its own guest bloggers and regulars, and will focus on the needs of the Data community. It’s quite possible that a segment of the future Radar audience will only visit the Data area because that’s the only area they’re interested in. That’s fine. In fact, that’s a good thing because it allows us to use the power of Radar’s platform to increase visibility for topics — like Data — that we want to get out there.

In addition to the Data section, we’ll also have areas for Web 2.0, Publishing, Edu 2.0, Gov 2.0, Mobile, and Programming. Some material will cross sections. Posts focusing on ideas/developments outside these areas will also pop up as well.

More sections means more content, and we’ll be ramping up our editorial efforts to make sure each section is robust and valuable. As you can see in the screenshot, we’re also incorporating video from our well-stocked YouTube channel and blending a variety of sharing/social functions into the site. We realize a lot of engagement happens beyond the boundaries of a website, and we want to use Facebook, Twitter, RSS and other tools to make that engagement as seamless as possible.

There’s a number of things that won’t change: Content will continue to focus on the themes, trends and technologies on the horizon; we’ll continue to showcase unique writers with unique perspectives; and advocacy for “stuff that matters” will remain front and center.

The redesign will roll out in the next few hours. If you have any questions, please weigh in through the comments or contact me directly: mac at oreilly dot com.

  • Noah Iliinsky

    Very exciting; can’t wait to see it.

    It’s likely a little late for feature requests, but I’d love to see a browsable archive, and / or a more powerful search. Finding old articles is more difficult than it should be.


  • Allen Noren

    Hello Noah,

    Websites are always a work in progress so it’s not to late to suggest features. I *think* we have included the archive you’re asking for. You’ll be able to sort by Topic, Author, and Date, and browse via those. And the redesign includes a much better search.

    Let us know what you think.

  • me

    I would like to be able to see all 4 short links on the main page without requiring a click-through. Otherwise, I like the new look.

  • I agree about the wanting to see Four Short Links on the main page without needing to click through. It looks like the main page summaries don’t have links or ordered lists. Do the summaries work with HTML?

  • Nan

    I’m really glad to hear about the mobile edition.

  • LED

    Early days I know, but initial impressions are that you are actually presenting less information and requiring more clicks on the front page. I agree with the complaints above about Nat’s 4 short links (and see the comments on that page for more).

    PS The slider at the top is distracting and simply repeats in miniature the content that follows below. Why duplicate the content?

  • Mac Slocum

    Thanks very much for the feedback everyone. To address a couple of points:

    * I agree about the 4 short links display and click-through. We’ll address that very soon.

    * At the moment, the slider at the top of the page does show duplicates. The goal in the very near future is to use that to keep the deeper / resonating pieces at the forefront.

    — mac

  • Mac Slocum

    Hi everyone,

    We’ve made a tweak that now allows Four Short Links to appear in full on the home page.

    Thanks for your feedback!

    — Mac

  • bowerbird

    how about “recent comments” on any radar article,
    just like you have on the “tools of change” blog?


  • aram

    Can we get a link to get off the mobile site when it switches us to it? I couldn’t find one

    Doesn’t work well on the ipad (or tablets of the future….)



  • Rachel James

    @aram, there’s a Full Website link in the footer of the mobile site, directly above the contact info and copyright notice. That link will take you to the same page on the full site. Thanks for letting us know that you’d prefer the full version on the iPad; we appreciate that feedback.

    – Rachel