Reminder: TOC 2011 RFP Open Until September 9, 2010

The O’Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing Conference, happening February 14-16, 2011 at the Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers,
is an inclusive meeting ground for exploring the options, a gathering
place for collaboration, and an unparalleled opportunity for in-person
inspiration. At TOC, stakeholders from across the book publishing and
tech industries will share ideas, engage in lively debate, and consider
the many issues we face individually and collectively.

Some of the topics we plan to include in the 2011 conference program are:

  • Reaching mobile readers: when your customers carry bookstores in their pockets
  • The real costs of digital book production
  • The value of creating quality metadata
  • Pricing and packaging digital content
  • Methods for gathering and understanding customers’ behavioral data (through web metrics and surveys)
  • Case studies of successful (or unsuccessful!) new publishing and digital initiatives
  • Case studies from implementing lessons learned at a previous TOC Conference
  • Strategies and tactics for incorporating print-on-demand (including the espresso book machine) into a supply chain
  • Tools and challenges for an efficient all-digital workflow
  • When digital is NOT the answer: Startups using old means of production with new business models
  • Revising your P&L’s for the economics of digital publishing
  • Understanding and responding to the changing retail landscape
  • Game plans for publishers transitioning from B2B to B2C transactions
  • Best practices for working with Amazon, Google, Apple, and other big Internet players
  • Best new practices and tools for working with and supporting authors during editorial, production and/or marketing phases
  • Systems and devices for displaying digital copy (demos welcome)
  • Business models for delivering and/or receiving material via new devices
  • Determining rights, sales, and royalty management: the challenges of an electronic global marketplace
  • XML, EPUB, RDF, and other TLA‘s (three-letter acronyms) decoded and explained
  • Using open-source tools to assemble a digital publishing workflow

Want to contribute to the discussion at a higher level? If so,  submit your proposal to speak at TOC 2011 by September 9, 2010.