Web 2.0 Expo makes the move to Midtown

Web 2.0 Expo New York - 20% off with code RadarOur vision for Web 2.0 Expo NY looks like this: smart leaders, looking toward the future of the web, gather together in a lively venue to meet, exchange ideas, and get a serious dose of inspiration. You make connections, you learn a lot, you have fun.

Here’s what Expo NY looked like last year: smart leaders, looking toward the future of the web, gathered in the vast lobby of the Javits Center and having a hard time finding our show at all. The Web 2.0 Expo signs were obscured by the much larger banners of a manufactured chemicals show that was in town the same week — and the conference portion of our show, in line with the Javits layout, was in the basement.

New York hosts not only a burgeoning tech startup scene, but also thousands of people who lead tech adoption in sectors like media, fashion, finance and the arts. Attendees of Web 2.0 Expo have repeatedly told us that they’re part of these groups, and they’re looking to our show to help them connect. So while Javits, like most expo halls, has acres of space designed to show off everything from new cars to fancy packaged foods, it’s not an ideal place for the Web 2.0 community to meet.

This year, to better align the venue with our vision and our attendees’ needs, we’re moving to the Sheraton Hotel & Towers in Midtown. It’s better suited to fostering the kinds of connections we care about and, excitingly, it lets us hold evening program onsite.

We’ve cooked up three great nights. On September 27, we’re bringing back an annual Expo favorite: Ignite, a fast-moving series of entertaining and enlightening presentations (with all-new speakers). On September 28, we’re hosting The Liar Show: four people tell outrageous tech stories — but only three are true. Grill the storytellers and guess which is fiction. On September 29, we’re holding Startup Showcase, in which 30 young companies demo their products, and you help pick three to join Tim O’Reilly and Fred Wilson for onstage pitch sessions. Of course, our evening events all include food and bevvies.

What else would you do with a conference-friendly hotel space?

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Web 2.0 Expo New York will be held September 27-30. Get 20 percent off registration with the discount code “Radar.”

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