Four short links: 1 September 2010

Faces in R, Open Source Web Analytics, Small File Store, Building Mapper

  1. R Library for Chernoff Facesfaces represent the rows of a data matrix by faces. plot.faces plots faces into a scatterplot. Interesting emotional way to visualize data, which was used to good effect (though not with this library) by BERG in Schooloscope. (via the tutorial at Flowing Data)
  2. Piwik — GPLed web analytics package.
  3. Pomegranate — a data store for billions of tiny files. (via the High Scalability blog interview with the creator of Pomegranate)
  4. New Backpack Makes 3D Maps of Buildings — the backpack indoor equivalent of the Google Maps cars, from Berkeley researchers.
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  • A. Nonymous

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  • Allen Noren

    Fixed! Thanks for the feedback.

  • We replaced Google Analytics a while ago with Piwik and so far it’s performing great. Lately they released an iPhone application and there are more plugins to come. It’s a reliable solution and best of all it’s free (not free as in GA as you give all your data away).