Four short links: 20 September 2010

Robot Trades, Quirky Adventures, Tabular Data Library, and It's Hard to be Evil

  1. The Tracks of Bizarre Robot Traders (The Atlantic) — I love the idea that these mysterious effect-less trades might simply be there to slow down competitors’ analytic systems because every millisecond matters.
  2. MS Paint Adventures — a weird mashup of MS Paint and text adventure games.
  3. tablib — a format-agnostic tabular dataset library for Python. (via joshua on delicious)
  4. Password Reuse (XKCD) — so very true.
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  • Jim stogdill

    best part of that piece on the robot traders was the comment stream. I’m of the opinion that they are sensors that are walking up quote ladder on both price and volume to figure out the “shape” of the market. The last trade price/volume is just the tip of the market, doesn’t indicate the shape behind it.

  • The MS Paint Adventures is okay… but I prefer real text adventure games or MUDs like the ones at