Active Facebook users by region: November, 2010

With Facebook unveiling an integrated messaging system for its more than 500 million users, I decided to update a few charts that breakdown its users by region.

I. Percentage share of active users (weekly): note the steady rise in the share of users from Asia.


II. Market Penetration: Less than 3% penetration in Facebook’s high-growth regions in Asia & Africa.


III. Percent Share of each Age Group (within each Region): Relative to the U.S. (33%), the share of users ages 18-25 continues to be higher in Asia (44%), Africa (41%), and the Middle East / N. Africa (39%).


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  • So active Facebook usage has been declining in the US since 2008 and in Europe since 2009? Not much talk about that going around.

  • Martijn van Beek

    Maybe I’m reading it wrong and it’s the relative US share on the total fb-population that’s declining? Enlighten me :-)

    • Hi Martijn van Beek,

      The decline is in their (percentage) share of all users. The absolute number of U.S. and European users continue to grow — but the other regions are growing faster.

      The second chart might help as well.


  • Moises Garcia

    Here you can see a map with Facebook users by country (sep 2010) and 12 month growth in %. Facebook is growing everywhere.