Four short links: 19 November 2010

Illegal Opcodes, Javascript News, Computational Ecology, and DIY Communities

  1. How MOS 6502 Illegal Opcodes Really Work — first time I’ve really seen the chip architecture linked to the machine code and assembly language in an explanation. This should also shut up anyone who thinks I don’t post enough hard tech stuff to Four Short Links :-)
  2. Javascript Weekly — weekly roundup of Javascript articles and news. (via Amy Hoy on Twitter)
  3. Ecologists from Nature to Networks (Scientific American) — interesting profile of two ecologists, one who gets his feet wet on an island studying an ecosystem in the Pacific Northwest, the other who uses computers to study scientific disciplines as though they were ecosystems. (via Tim O’Reilly on Twitter)
  4. Insights into DIY Project Communities (Instructables) — results of a survey on Instructables. Interesting to see that people participate for the same reasons open source developers participate [PDF]: to learn and to create. (via Ponoko blog)
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