Strata Gems: Five data blogs you should read

Data geekery, visualization and journalism

We’re publishing a new Strata Gem each day all the way through to December 24. Yesterday’s Gem: The timeless utility of sed and awk.

Strata 2011Whether your interest in data is professional or casual, commercial or political, there’s a blog out there for you. Feel free to add your own suggestions to the comments at the bottom.

Measuring Measures @bradfordcross

Eclectic, thoughtful and forthright, Bradford Cross spends his time making research work in practice: from hedge funds to data-driven startup FlightCaster. His blog covers topics ranging from venture capital and startups to coding in Clojure.

Dataists @vsbuffalo @hmason

Unapologetically geeky, and subtitled Fresher than seeing your model doesn’t have heteroscedastic errors, Dataists is a group blog featuring contributions from writers in the New York data scene, such as Hilary Mason and Drew Conway. An insightful mix of instruction and opinion.

Flowing Data @flowingdata

Consistently excellent, Nathan Yau’s Flowing Data blog is a frequently updated stream of articles on visualization, statistics and data. Always pretty to look at, the blog often includes commentary and coverage of topical data stories.

Flowing Data Blog

Guardian Data Blog @datastore

Subtitled Facts are sacred, and part of the UK Guardian’s pioneering approach to online content, this blog uncovers the stories behind public data. Edited by Strata keynoter Simon Rogers.

Pete Warden @petewarden

Founder of OpenHeatMap, Pete Warden’s keeps a personal blog with a strong component of data and visualization topics, as well as commentary on the emerging data industry: most recently, Data is snake oil.

And plenty more…

While these are some of my favorites, the question and answer web site Quora has a more exhaustive list of data blogs.

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