Developer Week in Review

Apple lawyers up, the FSF is Injected, and Google donates Wave.

The long holiday weekend made it a quiet week in developer-land, but there were a few items of note to report.

Mobile news on the move

All you Symbian developers out there (anyone, anyone?), the end appears to be near, at least for the Symbian Foundation. Nokia is taking their ball and going home, codewise, so be sure to grab anything useful you want before the lights go out.

Meanwhile, more proof that a double major in CS and pre-law is the way to go. Apple has put out the word that they need a horde of patent attorneys to deal with the litigation that’s piling up around their doorstep.

Proof that the FSF doesn’t read this column

It seems like just last week that I was railing about open source code being vulnerable to SQL injection attacks. Oh wait, it was last week. Anyway, this week the Free Software Foundation’s Savannah source code repository fell victim to, wait for it … wait for it … a SQL Injection Attack.

Google Waves to Apache, does Apache Wave back?

Usually, anything Google puts into beta is an instant success, but occasionally they deliver a clunker, at least from a popularity standpoint. Such was the case with Google Wave, a collaborative creation environment that never really found its niche. Never one to let good code go to waste, Google has offered their red-headed stepchild to Apache for inclusion in the Apache Incubator program.

This move reduces Google’s evilness rating to 0.032 microBallmers (mB)*

* The Ballmer (B) is the SI unit of evilness, with 1 B equivalent to six threatened lawsuits against open source projects.

That’s it for this week. Suggestions are always welcome, so please send tips or news here.

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  • aram

    isn’t meego replacing Symbian?

    The Ballmer (B) is the SI unit of evilness.

  • Sam Pattuzzi

    Been listening to Linux Outlaws? I’m fairly sure the balmer as a unit of evilness was one of their ideas, you should really credit them if that’s where you got it from.