Four short links: 13 December 2010

Mobile Clawback, Language Design, Gawker Hacked, and Science Tools

  1. European mobile operators say big sites need to pay for users’ data demands (Guardian) — it’s like the postal service demanding that envelope makers pay them because they’re not making enough money just selling stamps. What idiocy.
  2. Grace Programming Language — language designers working on a new teaching language.
  3. Gawker Media’s Entire Database Hacked — 1.5M usernames and passwords, plus content from their databases, in a torrent. What’s your plan to minimize the harm of an event like this, and to recover? (via Andy Baio)
  4. Macmillan Do Interesting Stuff (Cameron Neylon) — have acquired some companies that provide software tools to support scientists, and are starting a new line of business around it. I like it because it’s a much closer alignment of scientists’ interests with profit motive than, say, journals. Timo Hannay, who heads it, runs Science Foo Camp with Google and O’Reilly.
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  • Re:1

    If reading those in a serious newspaper looks like idiocy, you might enjoy hearing one of the incumbents (César Alierta) express the same ideas in Spanish in February after having drank one or two too many Rioja cups in a business lunch in Bilbao:

    When he says “we supply the networks” he is showing a clear disregard of his clients, who pay the most expensive bandwidth prices in Europe. I wonder how many networks he would supply if the customers were not paying…