Video pick: The inevitable merging of Kinect and "Minority Report"

Kinect + open drivers + MIT = the future of UI.

Combine Kinect hacks with the creativity of MIT and this is what you get: The first baby steps toward “Minority Report“-inspired interfaces.

The only downside: The required gestures are quite grand, so muscle fatigue is going to be factor for a while.

Hat tip: Engadget

Note: This is the first entry in a semi-regular series highlighting tech-centric videos that are excellent, intriguing, or thought provoking. Suggestions are always welcome.


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  • Mike

    It isn’t just the grand gestures that would be tiring. I wish everyone would realize that even though the original Minority Report interface looks cool in a film because it was so futuristic and different at the time, in reality it would quickly be very tiring for anyone using it, and I think we need to stop using it as a goal. Just try keeping your hands above your waist for hours on end, yet alone moving them, even a little, consistently.

  • Mac Slocum

    @Mike: That’s an excellent point. Steve Jobs discussed that – albeit in relation to using a touchscreen interface in a desktop environment – during the last Apple presentation (the “Back to the Mac” event).

  • Chris O’Shea @chrisoshea just hacked a Kinectic Air Guitar: