Four short links: 11 January 2011

Microsoft and the Web, URL Library, Optimism, and NoSQL Instruction

  1. Dive Into 2010 (Mark Pilgrim) — Mark wrote a hugely popular guide to HTML5 which was available online and published by O’Reilly. 6% of visitors used some version of Internet Explorer. That is not a typo. The site works fine in Internet Explorer — the site practices what it preaches, and the live examples use a variety of fallbacks for legacy browsers — so this is entirely due to the subject matter. Microsoft has completely lost the web development community.
  2. google-url — the Google URL-parsing library, designed to be embeddable.
  3. Reasons to be Cheerful (Charlie Stross) — if all we ever do is gripe about ways in which the world is not perfect, we will make ourselves miserable and fail to appreciate ways in which things are getting better. Important.
  4. NoSQL Tapes — videos of lectures on NoSQL topics. (via Hacker News)
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