Health care at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention — Call for Proposals is open

The O’Reilly Open Source Convention
is offering a health care track for the second year in a row. We had
a wonderful health care track last year (summarized in our

report to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
I’ll also post some links to videos, interviews, and blogs at the end
of this article), and we’re planning to build on our coverage of last
year’s topics as well as add some topics that got short shrift last

Topics that didn’t receive as much coverage last year as (I think)
they deserved, and that we hope to feature this year, include:

  • Roles of standards in health record formats, and weaknesses that need
    to be addressed

  • Communication with devices (ranging from ordinary cell phones to
    specialized medical devices) and their use to improve care

  • Use of electronic records and clinical decision support
    outside the United States

Important topics that we covered last year and whose developments we
should continue to follow include:

  • The use of electronically collected data for research and
    evidence-based medicine

  • How to deploy electronic health records (particularly open source) in
    clinical settings

  • Secure health record exchange through CONNECT and the Direct Project

  • Programming electronic records, including web APIs, in order to add,
    extract, and perform calculations on data

  • Security, identity management, and patient control over records

Please share this article with any appropriate forums or individuals
and let them know about the conference’s

Call for Proposals

A partial list follows of podcasts, videos, and other content related
to last year’s conference.

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