Data integration services combine storage and analysis tools

Companies are looking to help business clients store and analyze data.

There has been a lot of movement on the data front in recent months, with a strong focus on integrations between data warehousing and analytics tools. In that spirit, yesterday IBM announced its Netezza data warehouse partnership with Revolution R Enterprise, bringing the R statistics language and predictive analytics to the big data warehouse table.

Microsoft and HP have jumped in as well. Microsoft launched the beta of Dryad, DSC, and DryadLINQ in December, and HP bought Vertica in February. HP plans to integrate Vertica into its new-and-improved overall business model, nicely outlined here by Klint Finley for ReadWrite Enterprise.

These sorts of data integration environments will likely become common as data storage and analysis emerge as mainstream business requirements. Derrick Harris touched on this in a post about the IBM-R partnership and the growing focus on integration:

It’s not just about storing lots of data, but also about getting the best insights from it and doing so efficiently, and having large silos for each type of data and each group of business stakeholders doesn’t really advance either goal.


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