Developer Week in Review

WWDC tickets are here and gone, Gosling goes to Google, and irony at MySQL.

This is your Developer Week in Review, I’m Casey Kasem. Our first letter comes from a software developer in New England who writes, “Dear Casey. My wife just got accepted into the Experimental Psych doctoral program at UNH, and I’d like you to play something appropriate for the occasion.” Well, going out especially for you, here’s “I’ll be Proofreading Your Papers for the Next Five Years, ‘Cause I’ll Never Split (Our Infinitive)” (Seriously, congratulations Bonnie!)

And you thought that Justin Bieber tickets were hard to score …

What’s the matter, pal? You say you had your heart set on going to Google I/O, but the tickets sold out in 59 minutes? Well, cheer up, because tickets went on sale this week for the Apple WWDC, and — oh, wait, those sold out in 8 hours…

If you heard the sound of keys frantically typing on Monday, it was developers all across America e-mailing their managers for authorization to buy the $1,600 Golden Tickets to Steve’s Magic Chocolate Factory. Unfortunately, for those with glacial purchasing infrastructures, it took less than half a day for the doors to open and shut on this year’s WWDC, to be held as widely expected on the week of June 6th at the beautiful (if you squint a lot) Moscone Center in the City by the Bay.

I have little sympathy for those griping that they didn’t have time to get approval from their corporate overlords, since we’ve known for nearly half-a-year when WWDC was likely to be held and how much it was probably going to be. I got approval last December to go. Remember, a lack of planning on your part does not constitute a mistake on Apple’s part.

The good news is that video of all the WWDC sessions gets posted to the developer’s portal soon after the conference ends, so you can get a lot of the value of being there, without being there. In the meantime, you can start getting the purchasing wheels turning for the Microsoft PDC, which is evidently going to be in Seattle in the fall.

Google adds another legend to their menagerie

It seems like a Google collects another famous name in programming every month. There must be a mail-order club for it. This week, they added James Gosling, the father of Java.

There’s all sorts of interesting dynamics at work here. For one, given the current fireworks about the Android JVM, adding one of the patent holders for Java to the Google side of the fight can’t help but stir up the mud even more, since he’ll now essentially be suing himself. It also is another sign of the leakage of talent from Oracle to everywhere else since the database giant acquired Sun’s portfolio of products, although Gosling left Oracle several months ago.

With the acquisition of Gosling, Google is now just 3 geniuses away from total world domination.

“And I think it would be ironic if we were all made of iron!”

Alanis Morissette may not know what irony is, but provided a fine example this week, as they fell victim to a — wait for it — SQL Injection attack. In addition to user and staff credentials for that website (and its worldwide clones), reports say that (RIP) credentials were also raided.

As I sit in my office (well, my cube …), with one of my favorite XKCD strips framed on the wall next to me, I can’t help but marvel that in this day and age, people are still neglecting to sanitize their database inputs. And a database company has absolutely no excuse! Following the news that credit card data from a chain of Boston restaurants (including one I ate at) was stolen last year, and the company didn’t find it necessary to notify anyone that their information might be in the wind, it’s been just a fine and dandy week for the computer security industry.

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