Why data and Java deserved OSCON sub-conferences

OSCON's co-chairs discuss the event's evolution and what to expect at this year's show.

You may also download this file. Running time: 16:25

In this inaugural OSCON 2011 sneak peek podcast, Edd Dumbill and I talk about the history and evolution of OSCON (now in its 13th year) and our reasons for moving data and Java into their own sub-conferences.

Specific topics addressed in the 16-minute podcast include:

We’ll be posting bi-weekly podcasts with teasers and highlights as we approach OSCON (July 25-29 in Portland, Ore.)

Podcast production by Rich Goyette Audio.

OSCON 2011 — Join today’s open source innovators, builders, and pioneers July 25-29 as they gather at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Ore.

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