Radar's top stories: June 6-10, 2011

Face recognition is here to stay, why everyone needs to learn JavaScript, and the secrets of Node's success

Here’s a look at the top stories published on Radar this week.

Facebook’s face recognition strategy may be just the ticket
Facebook’s face recognition may provide a great strategy for cutting the Gordian Knot on this thorny privacy problem.
Why a JavaScript hater thinks everyone needs to learn JavaScript in the next year
If you’ve avoided JavaScript, this is the year to learn it. And if you don’t, you risk being left behind.
The secrets of Node’s success
What is it about Node.js that makes it interesting to developers? The key factors are performance, timing, and focusing on a real problem that wasn’t easily solved with other server-side dynamic languages.
Algorithms are the new medical tests
Predictive Medical Technologies’ system uses real-time, intensive care unit monitoring data to predict cardiac arrest and other health events. CEO Bryan Hughes discusses the system and the application of diagnostic data.