Open question: Which streaming services do you use?

Are you loyal to one streaming service or do you sample from a streaming buffet?

Netflix Watch InstantlyIn a New York Times article on Netflix’s new plans and pricing, a customer quote toward the end of the piece jumped out at me:

“Netflix’s streaming video selection is horrible,” [Shelia] Haupt said. “What I can get on demand from my cable company is so much better.”

I found this notable for a couple reasons. First — and less important — I disagree about Netflix’s selection. The company’s streaming catalog was horrible when the service first launched in 2007, but it’s improved to the point where I’m often surprised at what’s available. More often than not I can find something interesting to watch. (And while I have an unabashed appreciation of low-grade pop culture, I also like “quality” content.)

Second — and relevant to this open question — Haupt’s comment about using her cable company’s on-demand selection hints at a usage pattern I’d like to explore. Specifically, are folks putting their time and money behind particular streaming services? Or are they sampling from a streaming buffet? A Hulu show here, a Netflix movie there, and perhaps an acoustic Pandora station for Sunday mornings?

So with that in mind, here are the questions I’d like to dig into:

  • Which streaming services do you use most often?
  • Do you use services for specific things (Hulu for TV, Netflix for movies, etc.)?
  • Do you pay for any streaming services?
  • Would you prefer to pay for multiple services from different providers or one super-service from a single provider?

Please weigh in through the comments.

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