Who are the OSCON data geeks?

OSCON's co-chairs dig into the OSCON Data program.

You may also download this file. Running time: 20:01

This podcast highlights some of the sessions in OSCON Data and who might be interested in them.

Edd Dumbill, Bradford Stephens and I took the liberty of making irreverent monikers for several of the types of attendees we expect at OSCON Data. These include:


  • DBA Dude
  • Data Scientist
  • NOSQL Nerd
  • Scaling Geek
  • Real-time Traveler
  • (Podcast production by Rich Goyette Audio.)

    OSCON Data 2011, being held July 25-27 in Portland, Ore., is a gathering for developers who are hands-on, doing the systems work and evolving architectures and tools to manage data.

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