popHealth open source software permits viewing and reporting of quality measures in health care

A couple weeks ago I talked to two members of the popHealth project, which culls quality measures from electronic health records and formats them either for convenient display–so providers can review their quality measures on the Web–or for submission to regulators who require reports on these measures. popHealth was produced by the MITRE corporation under a grant from the Office of the National Coordinator at the US Department of Health and Human Services. One of my interviewees, Andrew Gregorowicz, will speak about popHealth at the Open Source convention later this month.

Videos of the interviews follow.

Lisa Tutterow: The importance of quality measures in health care, and the niche filled by open source popHealth

Lisa Tutterow: How popHealth improves the reporting of quality measures in health care

Andrew Gregorowicz: popHealth’s extendability and use of RESTful interfaces

Andrew Gregorowicz: popHealth’s use of standard information from electronic health records, the goals of making it open source, and technical information

Andrew Gregorowicz: The relation of popHealth to standards, and the related hData project

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Two other interviews with speakers at OSCon’s health care track this year include Shahid N. Shah on medical devices and open source and Indivo X personal health record: an interview with Daniel Haas of Children’s Hospital.

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