Four short links: 18 August 2011

Amazon Publishing, Flash Erasing, I Can Believe It's Not An iPad, and Yo' Website Is So Fat

  1. Amazon Publishing Signs Tim Ferris (NY Times) — Amazon’s vertical integration now extends to 15m female orgasms.
  2. Erasing Data from USB Drives (PC World) — With flash drives things are more complex, thanks to mechanisms built into the drives to prolong their lifespan. Because flash memory cells stop working after they’ve been overwritten too many times, flash devices use tricks called “wear leveling” to even out how the memory cells are used. A side effect of wear levelling is that it is “almost impossible” to completely erase data from a flash device, McClain said.
  3. HP TouchPad Not Selling WellThe biggest sale yet from flash sale site Woot, which sold the tablet for $120 off, got HP a meager 612 customers.
  4. HTTP Archive: The First Nine Months (Steve Souders) — total data transferred up, HTTP requests up, redirects up. Flash down, so it’s not all bad news, but in general web sites appear to be binging on high latency corn syrup.
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