Four short links: 8 August 2011

Graph ORM, Graphic Computation, Web Intents, and Async RPC

  1. Bulbflow — a Python framework for graph databases: it’s like an ORM for graphs. (via Joshua Schachter)
  2. Nomograms — the lost art of graphical computing. (via John D Cook)
  3. Web Intents — adding Android-style Intents to the web. Services register their intention to be able to handle an action on the user’s behalf. Applications request to start an Action of a certain verb (share, edit, view, pick etc) and the system will find the appropriate Services for the user to use based on the user’s preference.
  4. Finagle (GitHub) — Twitter’s asynchronous network stack for the JVM that you can use to build asynchronous Remote Procedure Call (RPC) clients and servers in Java, Scala, or any JVM-hosted language. Finagle provides a rich set of tools that are protocol independent.
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