Top Stories: August 1-5, 2011

Our fragile modern systems, the G+ Effect, and science gets democratized.

Here’s a look at the top stories published across O’Reilly sites this week.

Missing maps and the fragility of digital information
During a long drive through sparse terrain, Tim O’Reilly had a remarkable demonstration of the fragility of the “always on” connected mindset.
Google Plus defines an era of disruption at a moment’s notice
When an entrant quickly yields considerable power in an existing market, and elicits potential for rapid innovation, this is what Jonathan Reichental calls the “G+ effect.”
Science hacks chip away at the old barriers to entry
How can opening access to scientific data, equipment and lab space spur innovation? BioCurious’ Eri Gentry and Ariel Waldman from share a few ideas.
How online bookstores should get social
What if you could take the social aspects of brick-and-mortar bookstores and blend them with the convenience of online sales? Joe Wikert explains how an online social layer would benefit everyone involved in the publishing chain.