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Four short links: 23 November 2011

Inside-Out Libraries, Cleaner YouTube, Kid Tablet, Facetracking Toy

  1. Massive Wikimedia Donation — I missed it when it happened, but the State Library of Queensland made the 4th largest ever donation of high-resolution out-of-copyright images to the Wikimedia Foundation. The image metadata are available through Wikimedia under liberal licensing terms, too. This is what your national and state libraries should be doing!
  2. Clea.nr — strip all the crap from around YouTube pages. (via Ed Tech Ideas)
  3. Nabi Tablet (Toys R Us) — ruggedized Android tablet for kids, $199 price point. (via Mark Osborne)
  4. Face-Tracking KiddyZoom Video Cam (YouTube) — I’m always startled most when the future turns up in kids’ toys. Tablets and face-tracking? Soon it’ll be face recognition (“hello mommy!” says the doll), brainwave-triggered activity, and 3D printers. (via BERG London)
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  • http://www.focus-bc.com/ Sandro Batista

    Clea.nr seem to be great but unfortunately it is not working with the version of youtube! let’s wait for an update!

  • http://clea.nr/ Sean J. Vaughan

    clea.nr should be working with youtube.com, including some new youtube redesigns. Please send us a screenshot if it’s not working for you!