Four short links: 1 December 2011

DRM Good for Amazon, Arduino Updated, Open Source Foundations, Distributed Search

  1. Cutting Their Own Throats (Charlie Stross) — DRM on ebooks gives Amazon a great tool for locking ebook customers into the Kindle platform. This essay is gold and so very true. Read, believe.
  2. v1.0 of Arduino Out — this is the dev environment, with language additions and lots of features in the libraries. Glad to see the 1.0 stamp put on this important piece of the homebrew hardware world.
  3. Koha and Why We Need Foundations — Simon Phipps looks into the Koha trademark dispute and says that it shows why open source needs foundations (collective IP ownership).
  4. Majestic-12a World Wide Web search engine based on concepts of distributing workload in a similar fashion achieved by successful projects such as SETI@home and
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