O'Reilly Radar 01/24/12: Info overload vs over-consumption

Clay Johnson on info over-consumption. San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee discusses data and government.

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Do you suffer from information overload?

If so you may be surprised to learn that Clay Johnson, author of “The Information Diet,” believes that consumption — not overload — is the source of our information problems. My interview with Johnson is coming up in just a moment.

Also in this episode of O’Reilly Radar:

We take a look at top stories recently published across O’Reilly’s platforms.

And O’Reilly’s Alex Howard sits down with San Francisco mayor Ed Lee to discuss open data, open government, and bridging the digital divide.

The Radar interview: Clay Johnson

Coming up next in the Radar interview, “Information Diet” author Clay Johnson explains the difference between information overload and information over-consumption.

Radar top stories

Up next we take a look at some of the top stories recently published across O’Reilly’s platforms.

Alistair Croll says the information economy is giving way to something new: the feedback economy. Alistair notes that the efficiencies and optimizations that come from constant feedback will soon become the norm for businesses and governments. Read the post.

In his piece, “Epatients: The hackers of the healthcare world,” Fred Trotter explains what an epatient is — the “e” stands for “empowered” — and he offers a collection of epatient resources and first steps. Read the post.

Finally, Strata chair Edd Dumbill looks at the five key themes that will define the data world in the months ahead. Edd expects to see developments in streaming data frameworks and data marketplaces, along with a maturation in the roles and processes of data science. Read the post.

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Radar video spotlight

At his recent swearing-in ceremony, new San Francisco major Ed Lee noted:

“We in government should not be afraid of disruption. We should embrace it.”

In the following interview, conducted at Web 2.0 Summit last fall, you’ll learn how Lee and San Francisco are putting that disruption to use through open data and open government.


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