Four short links: 17 January 2012

App Economics, Kickstarter Lessons, CSV Code, and Science Magic

  1. 5 Is The New 10 — I have limited sympathy for the “app developers can’t predict their fortunes” complaint: creative arts have always been long tail hit-based businesses, possibly because hits have a large random component.
  2. Lessons for Kickstarter Creators (Mat Howie) — great case study of a disastrous KS project. Preparation, research, and comms are what let this one down. (via Mat Howie
  3. CSV Kit — commandline tools for working with CSV files. (via Hadley Wickham)
  4. Science of Magic — magic tricks which help you teach students how to apply the scientific method. Magic and science both built off flaws in human perception and intuition: science tries to avoid them, magic to exploit them. (via Maria Popova)
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