Four short links: 17 January 2012

App Economics, Kickstarter Lessons, CSV Code, and Science Magic

  1. 5 Is The New 10 — I have limited sympathy for the “app developers can’t predict their fortunes” complaint: creative arts have always been long tail hit-based businesses, possibly because hits have a large random component.
  2. Lessons for Kickstarter Creators (Mat Howie) — great case study of a disastrous KS project. Preparation, research, and comms are what let this one down. (via Mat Howie
  3. CSV Kit — commandline tools for working with CSV files. (via Hadley Wickham)
  4. Science of Magic — magic tricks which help you teach students how to apply the scientific method. Magic and science both built off flaws in human perception and intuition: science tries to avoid them, magic to exploit them. (via Maria Popova)
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  • “Mat Howie” should be either @mathowie or Matt Haughey.

  • Bob

    Link for #4 is broken, has a trailing doublequote.

  • Gwen Jenkins

    Link 1 — I don’t think his complaint is that the business is unpredictable, I think it’s that potential buyers don’t share his sense of how much his product is worth. (Supposedly due to the low price point established by other developers.) Feedback from users who find his app just barely worth $10 hurts his feelings, and he’s reluctant to let economy of scale make up for the ding to his self-esteem with $$.

  • I wrote something similar to csvkit last year, but it uses JSON and handle other formats: