Visualization of the Week: AntiMap

A mobile mapping app lets users capture and visualize their movements.

A new mobile phone app, AntiMap Log, allows users to record their own data as they move around. The app uses the phone’s GPS and compass sensors to capture the following data: latitude, longitude, compass direction, speed, distance, and time.

While the AntiMap Log — available for both Android and iPhone — is the data-gathering component, it’s just one part of a trio of open source tools. AntiMap Simple and AntiMap Video provide the visualization and analysis components.

AntiMap Video was originally designed to help snowboarders visualize their data in real-time, synced with footage of their rides. Here’s a demo video:

That same snowboarder data is also used in the following visualization:

AntiMap snowboard visualization

AntiMap describes the visualization:

Circles are used to visualise the plotted data. The color of each circle is mapped to the compass data (0˚ = black, 360˚ = white), and the size of each circle is mapped to the speed data (bigger circles = faster) … You can see from the visualisation, during heelside turns (left) the colours are a lot whiter/brighter than toeside turns (right). The sharper/more obvious colour changes indicate either sudden turns or spins (eg. the few black rings right in the centre).

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