Now available: Best of TOC 2012 anthology

The free "Best of TOC 2012" collection charts the digital evolution of publishing.

Best of TOC 2012We just released “Best of TOC 2012,” a free anthology that brings together key interviews and analysis from Radar’s publishing area.

The material in Best of TOC falls into four sections:

The adaptation of publishing — The disruption in publishing is just getting started. Journalists are experimenting with ebook options over traditional outlets, readers are wrapping their heads around the concept of paperless books, and authors are wondering if they even need publishers.

Digital publishing and the legal landscape — The emerging global market for books is stirring up all sorts of legal questions concerning copyright, public domain and digital publishing rights for authors and publishers. Existing laws are slowly adapting to new media platforms as well.

Publishing tech and tools — Digital publishing is requiring tech education for everyone, from publishers to authors to readers. In addition, the rise of mobile is driving the development of publishing’s next toolset.

The edge of publishing — Adaptation to a new publishing landscape starts with a change in thinking — not only in how we think about technology and books as objects, but in how we define our various roles and how we choose to collaborate.

You can download a free copy of “Best of TOC 2012” here (available in EPUB, Mobi and PDF formats).

TOC NY 2012 — O’Reilly’s TOC Conference, being held Feb. 13-15, 2012, in New York, is where the publishing and tech industries converge. Practitioners and executives from both camps will share what they’ve learned and join together to navigate publishing’s ongoing transformation.

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