O'Reilly Radar Show 2/10/12: The 5 trends that will shape the data world

Big data trends to watch. Kevin Kelly on freemium and DRM.

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There are five major trends that will shape the data world in the months to come. Strata Conference chair Edd Dumbill reveals them in this episode of O’Reilly Radar. [Starts 12 seconds in.]

Also in this episode: We revisit a conversation with Wired’s Kevin Kelly in which he discusses freemium models and why digital rights management will likely persist in some form or another. [Interview begins at 11:04.]

Radar posts of note

[This segment begins at the 10:06 mark.]

For now, legislators have backed off of the Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect IP Act, but the friction between media companies and online piracy persists. In his piece “SOPA and PIPA are bad industrial policy,” Tim O’Reilly explains why these efforts — and those sure to emerge down the road — hold back innovative business models that grow the overall market.

It’s the hot trend in software right now, but what does big data mean, and how can you exploit it? In “What is big data?,” Strata chair Edd Dumbill presents an introduction and orientation to the big data landscape.

Finally, books, publishing processes and readers have all made the jump to digital, and that’s creating considerable opportunities for publishing startups. Justo Hidalgo explores the digital shift in his piece, “Three reasons why we’re in a golden age of publishing entrepreneurship.”

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Radar video spotlight

At the 2011 Tools of Change for Publishing conference I had a chance to interview Wired’s Kevin Kelly about two topics that continue to play big roles in the content world: the freemium model and digital rights management.

As you’ll see in the following video, Kelly has a unique, long-view perspective on both of these issues.

[Interview begins at 11:04.]


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