Four short links: 2 March 2012

Robotics for Kids, Benchmarking Context Needed, Javascript Time Series Graphs, and Amazing Programming Video

  1. Interview: Hanno Sander on Robotics (Circuit Cellar) — this is what Mindstorms wants to be when it grows up. AAA++ for teaching kids. Hanno is a Kiwi Foo Camper.
  2. Context Needed: BenchmarksBenchmarks fall into a few common traps because of under-reporting in context and lack of detail in results. The typical benchmark report doesn’t reveal the benchmark’s goal, full details of the hardware and software used, how the results were edited if at all, how to reproduce the results, detailed reporting on the system’s performance during the test, and an interpretation and explanation of the results. (via Jesse Robbins)
  3. Morris.js (GitHub) — a lightweight library that uses jQuery and RaphaĆ«l to make drawing time-series graphs easy.
  4. Bret Victor: Inventing on Principle (Vimeo) — the first 20m has amazing demos of a coding environment with realtime feedback. Must see this! (via Sacha Judd)
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