Four short links: 22 March 2012

Watercolor Maps, Inside Displays, Numbers API, and Chinese Mobile Activations Boom

  1. Stamen Watercolour Maps — I saw a preview of this a week or two ago and was in awe. It is truly the most beautiful thing I’ve seen a computer do. It’s not just a clever hack, it’s art. Genius. And they’re CC-licensed.
  2. Screens Up Close — gorgeous microscope pictures of screens, showing how great the iPad’s retina display is.
  3. Numbers API — CUTE! Visit it, even if you’re not a math head, it’s fun.
  4. China Now Leads the World in New iOS and Android Device Activations (Flurry) — interesting claim, but the graphs make me question their data. Why have device activations in the US plummeted in January and February even as Chinese activations grew? Is this an artifact of collection or is it real?
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  • Andy

    Device activations in US didn’t plummet in Jan & Feb in absolute numbers. Those numbers are “% of Total”. By definition it is a zero sum game and the US number is bound to go down.

  • grhabyt

    How about a little seasonal adjustment? December rates of activation in the US were probably a bit higher because of that guy in the red suit handing out phones. In China, I hear, they have a little celebration at the end of January that puts ready cash into young people’s pockets. Might these influence the numbers?