Top stories: February 27-March 2, 2012

The evolution of privacy, a call for Maker-friendly cities, publishing's shifting business models.

Here’s a look at the top stories published across O’Reilly sites this week.

The privacy arc
We’re at a point in privacy’s evolution where sanitized tech solutions are clumsily attempting to introduce (or reintroduce) human connections into our experiences.

Creating Maker-friendly cities
Governments, particularly local governments, need to do more to understand and adapt to what might be called DIY citizenship.

Major TOC theme: Business models to monetize publishing in the digital era
Here we look at monetization in publishing, including subscription/access models, freemium, and ad-based models. See more major themes from TOC ’12.

Permission to be horrible and other ways to generate creativity
Author and web design consultant Denise R. Jacobs reveals lessons she learned about creativity while writing her first book. She also discusses her efforts to give women and people of color more visibility in the tech world.

Video keynotes and interviews from Strata CA 2012
The Strata California 2012 video playlist includes keynote addresses and insightful interviews with innovators shaping the data space.

Strata Santa Clara 2012 Complete Video Compilation includes workshops, sessions and keynotes from the 2012 Strata Conference in California. Learn more and order here.

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