Cross-platform mobile development is a breeze with C#

Greg Shackles on why C# makes sense for mobile development.

Greg Shackles (@gshackles) is the author of “Mobile Development with C#,” which is available for pre-order now and scheduled for release this spring.

During a recent interview, Shackles and I talked about C#’s role in the mobile space and coding best practices. Highlights from the discussion included:

  • Cross-platform mobile development is tough. The mature C# language is the only language that can be used across all of these platforms to produce a native experience. [Discussed at 00:03]
  • Reusing code is a must. Shackles thinks developers should try to separate business logic from user interface logic. [Discussed at 00:39]
  • Be on the watch for big enhancements when Windows Phone 8 is released, like near-field and app-to-app communications. [Discussed at 01:27]
  • Make an app that stands out by creating a really solid user experience. [Discussed at 02:45]

You can view the entire interview in the following video.

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