Top Stories: April 2-6, 2012

Data and context are always linked, data outputs beyond visualizations, state of the computer book market.

Here’s a look at the top stories published across O’Reilly sites this week.

Privacy, contexts and Girls Around Me
The application of user data is pushing at the edges of cultural norms. That can be a positive, but finding “the line” requires adherence to a few simple and clear guidelines.

Data as seeds of content
Visualizations are one way to make sense of data, but they aren’t the only way. Robbie Allen reveals six additional outputs that help users derive meaningful insights from data.

State of the Computer Book Market 2011
In his annual report, Mike Hendrickson analyzes tech book sales and industry data: Part 1, Overall Market; Part 2, The Categories; Part 3, The Publishers; Part 4, The Languages. (Part 5 is coming next week.)

The do’s and don’ts of geo marketing
During his session at this week’s Where Conference, Placecast CEO Alistair Goodman examined the layers of context that make for rich, geo-targeted messages.

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