JavaScript and Dart: Can we do better?

The good parts of JavaScript and beyond

JavaScript keeps advancing by leaps and bounds, but is it powerful enough yet? Is the Web ready to take on all the challenges we throw at it?

I talked with Seth Ladd, a web engineer and Chrome Developer Advocate at Google who’s working on Dart, but still, I’m happy to say, interested in JavaScript itself. He’s been working with larger projects and larger teams figuring out how to build bigger, faster, and more complex applications than most of us care to dream about.

Seth’s constant push – “we can do better” – takes a hard look at where we are today with web programming, acknowledging decades of improvement but looking hard for the next best thing.

Highlights from the full video interview include:

  • Speed – is JavaScript fast enough yet? [Discussed at the 2:12 mark]
  • 60 frames per second – can the browser look that smooth? [Discussed at the 3:21 mark]
  • Dart – Structure, tooling, and reaching both JavaScript and C++ programmers [Discussed at the 6:27 mark]
  • “Dart compiles to modern JavaScript today” [Discussed at the 9:16 mark]
  • “JavaScript is becoming the bytecode of the Web” – many languages compile to JavaScript [Discussed at the 11:16 mark]
  • View Source isn’t what it used to be – is Github the answer? [Discussed at the 12:07 mark]

You can view the entire conversation in the following video:

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