Velocity Profile: Sergey Chernyshev

Web ops and performance questions with Sergey Chernyshev.

This is part of the Velocity Profiles series, which highlights the work and knowledge of web ops and performance experts.

Sergey ChernyshevSergey Chernyshev
Director of web systems and applications, truTV
Organizer, New York Web Performance Meetup
@sergeyche, @perfplanet

How did you get into web operations and performance?

I’ve been doing web development and operations since 1996. Before there were different people running websites, one person was responsible for everything. So in addition to adding features, I was making sure websites were running and running fast. In 2007, I heard Steve Souders and Teni Thurer present their first findings at the Web 2.0 Expo, and after that, I was converted to the church of web performance optimization (WPO).

What is your most memorable project?

The most memorable are the two projects I’m most active on: Show Slow and running the New York Web Performance Meetup.

What’s the toughest problem you’ve had to solve?

The toughest is to make people believe that WPO is important and change perspectives on how to approach performance. It’s far from solved, but I hope I helped by kick-starting a local community movement — we now have 16 active groups across the globe with more than 5,000 members.

What tools and techniques do you rely on most?

Show Slow and WebPageTest.

Who do you follow in the web operations and performance world?

I run the @perfplanet account on Twitter where I follow a bunch of people and re-tweet WPO-related tweets. You can see my list here.

In addition, Brad Fitzpatrick of LiveJournal fame isn’t doing much of this work these days, but he’s behind many great technologies, including Memcached, Gearman and more.

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