John Allspaw on DevOps

How good DevOps keeps you shipping your product.

In this new Velocity Podcast, I had a conversation with John Allspaw (@allspaw), a VP of Operations at This conversation centers mostly on development and operations cooperating in high-volume companies. John has some interesting insights into how good DevOps keeps you shipping your product.

Our conversation lasted 00:23:31. If you want to pinpoint any particular topic, you can find the specific timing below. There is a bit of a hiccup at around 21:21 so you will know that now it is not your connection, but our prior connection.

  • Can you explain the difference between DevOps and NoOps 00:00:43
  • If you have really good DevOps and your systems are running efficiently all the time, can you measure it? 00:05:44
  • What criteria do you use to measure the effectiveness of DevOps in an organization? 00:10:43
  • What does a typical dashboard look like that you use to monitor your systems and DevOps capabilities? 00:16:05
  • Where do you see the velocity conference going? 00:20:35

If you would like to hear John speak on “Stronger and Faster,” he is presenting at the 2012 Velocity Conference in Santa Clara, Calif. on Tuesday 6/26/12 at 8:30 am. He’ll also present “Cuz|Eats Me Spinish” on Wednesday 6/27/12 at 8:30 am. We hope to see you there.

Velocity 2012: Web Operations & Performance — The smartest minds in web operations and performance are coming together for the Velocity Conference, being held June 25-27 in Santa Clara, Calif.

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