Visualization of the Week: Global BitTorrent usage

A 24-hour look at world-wide BitTorrent activity.

This week’s visualization comes from BitTorrent, the San Francisco-based company responsible for the peer-to-peer BitTorrent protocol.

BitTorrent’s visualization is a time-lapsed movie with some 60 million global clients logging in over a 24-hour period. Each frame represents six minutes of real time. “Each time a pixel lights up,” writes BitTorrent’s Kara Murphy, “it’s a client (either BitTorrent or µTorrent) in that square of the world checking in with our servers.”

The video (embedded below) was inspired by NASA’s Earth at Night, where electric lights at nighttime highlight the highly populated and developed regions of the world.

The data for the visualization comes from GeoIP lookups from the company’s access logs.

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