Async and Roslyn mean more power and insight in your C# 5.0 programs

Async, Roslyn, and how to create your best C# 5.0 program

Eric Lippert is a principal developer on the C# compiler team at Microsoft. He has been with Microsoft since 1996, where he has worked on many projects including C#, VBScript, and Jscript. He also writes regularly on his blog about C#, programming languages in general, and his other interests.

Key points from the full interview (below) include:

  • Async is a major new feature in C# 5.0. It solves latency issues! [Discussed at the 3:32 mark]
  • The Roslyn project is going to vastly improve the C#/VB compiler tooling infrastructure. It will allow developers to complete their own code analysis. [Discussed at the 6:37 mark]
  • Performance analysis is key to creating an optimal C# program. [Discussed at the 9:19 mark]
  • Find out what might be coming next to C#. [Discussed at the 11:55 mark]

You can view the entire interview in the following video.

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