Four short links: 4 July 2012

Inside Anonymous, Kanban Board, Extending Objective C, and Football Graphs

  1. How Anonymous Works (Wired) — Quinn Norton explains how the decentralized Anonymous operates, and how the transition to political activism happened. Required reading to understand post-state post-structure organisations, and to make sense of this chaotic unpredictable entity.
  2. Kanban For 1 — very nice progress board for tasks, for the lifehackers who want to apply agile software tools to the rest of their life.
  3. libextobj (GitHub) — library of extensions to Objective C to support patterns from other languages. (via Ian Kallen)
  4. Graph Theory to Understood Football (Tech Review) — players are nodes, passes build edges, and you can see strengths and strategies of teams in the resulting graphs.
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