Sensor-laden glove brings medical examination to the masses

How a sensor glove can benefit the patient-doctor relationship.

Recently a group of three young entrepreneurs showed off a prototype of a glove that contained sensors useful for medical examinations. Their goals were not merely to make diagnosis easier, but to save the doctor/patient relationship from the alienation of modern technology. Medical student Andrew Bishara came into O’Reilly’s Cambridge studio to discuss the glove’s capabilities, how the creators were inspired to design it, and how they plan to productize it.

Here’s the full video from our discussion:

Highlights from the conversation include:

  • Introduction to the glove and its purpose in bringing touch back into medicine. [Discussed at the 0:31 mark]
  • Some of the purposes of the sensors. [Discussed at the 2:00 mark]
  • Software on the device and in the cloud. [Discussed at the 7:58 mark]
  • Creating a marketable product from the glove. [Discussed at the 9:54 mark]
  • Open hardware. [Discussed at the 13:39 mark]
  • How the developers were inspired by Singularity University. [Discussed at the 15:03 mark]

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