Visualization of the Week: Visualizing D.C. homicides

The Washington Post developed an interactive map using data from area homicides from 2000 through 2011.

Residents in Washington D.C., or citizens considering a move to D.C., have a new tool to assess the city’s homicide rate. As part of a 15-month investigative study, The Washington Post has created an interactive map of the homicides in D.C. from 2000 through 2011. The interactive tool lets users drill down into the information by demographic, motive and manner of murder, for instance — all of which can also be isolated by neighborhood or by individual homicide.

Click here for the full interactive map.

The screenshot above shows an overview of the interactive map, with no filters applied. Nathan Yau at Flowing Data describes the angles the tool can use to analyze the homicide data:

“The focus is on the map, which shows an overview of homicide count and then individual cases as you zoom in to neighborhoods. Navigation on the left lets you filter by case status, race, age, motive, and manner, and the display on the bottom left changes as you change queriers or select different parts of the map. You can also play a time lapse, and the map updates for each year.”

You can read more from the investigative report and about the study here.

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