Visualization of the Week: NFL rushing stats

Every NFL rushing play from 2008-2011, visualized.

Juice Labs has cooked up an interactive visualization, “The Spider,” showing rushing tendencies of every NFL team from the 2008 through 2011 seasons. Want to know which way the New England Patriots typically run — and the average or total yards gained — on first and long, or Stevan Ridley’s average yards gained on 4th and short during the 2011 season (-1 … ouch …)? The visualization shows this and more for every team, player, and rush.

Click here for the full visualization.

The thickness of the “spider” legs indicates the number of rushes in that direction — thicker legs equals more rushes — and the length coincides with the average yards gained. Total yards can be toggled from “yards gained” as well. The data can be filtered by week, season, down, distance, player, and/or the opposing defense.

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