Four short links: 12 December 2012

Evidence-Based Movie Arguments, Open Source on Github, Reality Glitches, and Lens-Up Displays

  1. Kiwi Bond Films Are The Most Violent (Peter Griffin) — it wasn’t always furry-footed plucky adventurers in Middle Earth, my friends. Included to show that you can take an evidence-based approach to almost any argument.
  2. Are Githubbers Taking Open Source Seriously?nearly 140 of the 175 projects analyzed contain such an easily findable license information, or more precisely 78%. Or, alternatively 22% of Github projects don’t have easily findable license information. zomg. (via Simon Phipps)
  3. The Oh Shit (Matt Jones) — the condition of best-laid plans meeting reality. When all the drawings, sections, detailed drawings and meticulous sourcing in the world clash with odd corners of the physical world, weather, materials and not least the vagaries of human labour. It’s what Bryan Boyer calls the “Matter Battle”. He puts it beautifully: “One enters a Matter Battle when there is an attempt to execute the desires of the mind in any medium of physical matter.”
  4. Text Messages Direct to your Contact Lens (The Telegraph) — I want this so bad. It’s a future I can believe in. Of course, the free ones will have spam.
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  • Felix Wilson

    Re: Text messages on your contact lens.

    Try putting your finger close to your eye, close enough so your eye lashes brush it when you blink. Now try to look at your finger prints. Now imagine if your finger was touching your eye (don’t touch your eye).

    The eye simply can’t focus that closely, so unless we correct the human eye somehow with surgery, we won’t be reading anything that is on the surface of our eye.

    • Nathan Torkington

      Good point. I suppose the lens could emit light in such a way as to create the appearance of focused text five feet in front of our eyes, but that’s an even harder problem than just getting a lens which emits light. Whew! I’m safe for a while before “Like Charlie’s Yogurt on Facebook for a 5% discount now!” pops up in my field of vision as I drive down the road. :)