Visualization of the Week: Australia’s weather and wave forecast maps

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology adds new colors to forecast maps to accommodate rising high temps topping 129 degrees Fahrenheit.

Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology recently had to update its interactive weather forecasting chart to add new colors. Peter Hannam explains at The Sydney Morning Herald that the previous temperature range topped out at 50 degrees Celsius (122 degrees Fahrenheit) to accommodate forecasted high temperatures. Now, they’ve had to add two new colors, dark purple and bright pink, to represent temperatures up to 54 degrees Celsius (129.2 degrees Fahrenheit). Hannam captured a forecast map for 5 p.m. January 14 that required the new deep purple color.

The forecast map includes drop-down options to select specific areas in Australia. It also covers the Southern Hemisphere as a whole, specific regions such as Asia, and includes an option to view forecast waves for the entire globe.

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