Get the best start for data in your business

It's not about IT buying, but about making data work for you. Learn more in the Big Data in Enterprise IT program at Strata California.

In a world where technology and business are evermore intertwined, IT leaders aspire to key roles in their organizations. Sadly, industry conferences can lag behind, assuming IT is all about making the right buying decisions.

Not so at Strata.

Turning data into focused advantage requires strategy and planning over the whole business

Turning data into focused advantage requires strategy and planning over the whole business.
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Our approach is to take a view of data for business that centers around the problems you need to solve. The excitement around big data isn’t really about large volumes of data, it’s about smart use of data. It’s about using data to make your products better, help you be significantly more efficient, and create new products and businesses.

Getting the most from big data and data science is a lot more than a software choice. The business aims come first, and a good understanding of the problems you want to solve. Then you need to understand the capabilities of the technology and where data science can be best applied. Finally, you need to know how to run successful data projects, and how to hire and manage data teams.

Working with analytics and BI expert Mark Madsen, I’ve compiled a day-long program at Strata called Big Data in Enterprise IT that will take you through big data strategy, the issues of managing data, and how data science can be used effectively in your organization.

In this day-long session on February 26 in Santa Clara, Calif., we’ll cover:

  • What’s different about big data in contrast to traditional BI and data warehousing
  • How big data contributes to a business, and how we can measure that
  • Why big data is more than an IT project alone
  • How headline-grabbing data science like IBM Watson can be made to work for you
  • Human productivity bottlenecks in data analysis
  • How to interview and manage data scientists
  • How to keep data science efforts from derailing

Check out the full program on the conference website.

Speakers include Jeremy Howard, president and CEO of data science competition company Kaggle, leading data scientists Daniel Tunkelang and Joe Hellerstein, big data and BI consultants Marc Demarest, Krish Krishnan and Mark Madsen, engineering management expert Kate Matsudaira, Teradata’s EMEA Director of Data Science Duncan Ross, and data science consultants Marck Vaisman and Sean Murphy.

Join us in Santa Clara this February to talk about making data work in your business.

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