Visualization of the Week: Mobile World Congress’ economic impact on Barcelona

A visualization shows credit and terminal transactions the week before and the week during Mobile World Congress 2012.

Mobile World Congress is going on this week in Barcelona. CartoDB and BBVA teamed up to visualize the economic impact one of the world’s largest tech conferences has on its host city. The team took the credit card transaction data from Mobile World Congress 2012, separated by visitors and locals, and compared it to transactions the week before the conference in a running timeline visualization:

You can click on “More Maps” at the bottom of the visualization to toggle between the running timeline and daily totals. The screenshot above isolates totals for the Tuesdays of each week. The visualization’s creators explained the mapping process in a post on the CartoDB blog:

“Dividing the data into transactions from the week before and week during the conference, we created a temporal visualization using HTML and Torque, and then showcased those same millions of [transactions] by local and foreign ones, topographically, over the City of Barcelona.”

You can read CartoDB’s post on the company blog and find the visualization here.

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